omfg, yall. its been a while.

hey, team. im super sorry its been so long. im really not, but hopefully after i post this edition i will realize what ive been missing and begin posting again somewhat regularly. im not entirely sure, but i think its been since like…..late summer09 or something.

well for those of you who would like to act like you care, last semester was pretty boring, and i didnt update this just because i didnt feel like it. for those of you who do care, last semester was reeeeeediculous. i was busy enough to not only not blog, but i also had to ask to be taken off of the schedule at work- daylight donuts. but now, im done with german forever and im done with having money for at least a while now, since i spent what i earned last semester on things like food and whatnot. i feel like i can rebound pretty quick but not only is that more information than i should even be giving you all, but it has yet to even be seen. you know what happens when we assume. we get arrested. sigh…im such a liar.

wanna know whats really cool? i didnt think so, but ill tell you anyway. i got a new computer for christmas ive been pretty excited about. it computes well. and by “it computes well” i mean it isnt a pc. thats right, my (santa) got me a mac. thats what im typing on right now, and is what i will be entering in the following editions of tO, so be ready. also, i picked up a twitter account, so if any of you guys are on twitter, trust me i would love to follow you. i feel like my ratio of people-i-know that i follow should be at least at a 1:1 with people-i-dont-really-know. i mean i follow a lot of big-name folks whom ive never met, but i care about what they say. id really rather hear what you had to say, so find me. my name is frefdaddy. im still looking for people to follow and i havent really figured out how to use the lists to my complete advantage, but im working on it.

twitter haters, what i have to say to you doesnt even matter – youre already culturally irrelevant. (sorry zack, love you, bro.)

a lot of things have been going on in the world since last time. i dont remember most of those things. im sure kanye did something. if not, im sure lady gaga didnt do anything, but you all still care, im sure. ah…..jersey shore

i really dont think i need to say anything, nor do i think it would help the situation. you should already be ashamed of yourself. i feel like a worthless human just for sitting through the trailer. and here i am blogging about nonsense, thus proving my point. this show and the uber-shallow characters on it ….sigh. i would like to have more respect for myself and think that maybe i, if left to my own devices, would still detest this type of “entertainment”, but you know, that probably wouldnt be the case were it not for the cross. all that aside, i havent watched the show, and i doubt i will.

i dont think i could make a vow to not watch it. well, i could, but some buds of mine told me of a vow they had recently made to boycott the pop culture, and that turned out to be a horrible decision that i-and they-are very happy to have come out of. the vow im describing is one to never go see avatar! i think it is still in theatres, and if it is and you havent seen it, you NEED to go see this movie. in 3d, even. i realize its more expensive, but think of who youre hearing this from. i have saw maybe 3-4 movies in theatres throughout 09 because of the pricetag. hear it from me, if there was ever a movie made that was worth the 10dollar ticket price, it was avatar. you may have heard your friends talk about the hidden liberal agenda behind the movie as if it were a bad thing. im not entirely sure what was so bad about the politics of the movie…but that can be discussed another time.

im kind of tired of writing by this point, but to keep you updated, i hope to keep a little bit of consistency with the blogposts. i realize all i covered in this post was perhaps the bottom of the cultural barrel, followed by a bit from the top, i hope you can figure out which is which. im sure ive forgotten something. i guess  …uhhhh….bye.


a blogpost about nothing

i have nothing for you, here. i was just kind of in the mood to type, so here we are.

School will be here a week from today. Kinda sucks, I know, but at least everyone will enjoy meeting new people. Unless of course you dont enjoy meeting new people. If i have had the privilege of meeting one of you, i must say im glad to be one of the few to get past the wall. If I havent met you, I probably won’t, for the sake of satisfying your wishes.

On the topic of Autumn rolling around, i will be welcoming the cooler weather. It’s been a hot summer here in Auburn Alabama. As i grow older[im finally 20, by the way] i enjoy the cool more and more. I anxiously await that day in my future when i will no longer recognize fall by smelling the air or noticing the sun setting more to the north, and instead go by the creaking of my old bones. i can’t wait to be old. don’t ask me why. Just wait until i’m old, and you’ll know why i wanted to be old. Yes, i do have plans…

Winter also means dates of big name leaders and politicians deaths are about to hit full storm. Most important to me is MLK Jr weekend. I totally love and respect what the man stood for, but that’s not entirely my angle. My particular angle is facing about 45 ish-plus degrees downward in 20ish degree weather on a snowboard. i must say snowboarding is my favorite part of winter.

hmm… A question i have had now for a long time comes to mind now that i mentioned the earth-seasons-etc, and that question is this: Why do evangelicals always get so bent out of shape about the topic of global warming? This is something i have never understood. global warming doesn’t seem, to me, like any kind of attack on Christ or the Gospel. The only correlation i notice is that the people who most usually advocate the idea of global warming are liberals. My noticing that may be biased anyway, being that i was brought up in such a conservative family. Faux News was the only news on the telly, and maw and paw hated cnn, nbc, and whatever because it was “liberal news”. So, there may be as many elephants as donkeys in the global warming thing, i don’t know. Whatever the case, the question stands, and i would greatly appreciate an answer from anyone with any idea about the thing-because i have none.

i am listening to Sir Marvin Gaye on my ipod. He says hello to you all. Such a nice guy, that Marv.

i watched Shooter almost twice yesterday. The chick was hot. Mark was hotter, no-homo.

Al mohler did a piece earlier about polyamonous relationships or something like that. I’m not going to look it up. i would, however encourage you to, if for no reason other than, get his blog in your recent websites visited, in hopes that the next time you typed and “a” into the URL thing, his name would pop up and you would go read it. Al Mohler.com, hit it up occasionally. Well worth while. Always alliterationated. The p-word relationships means something like ” were married but we like to screw other people, too. its consentual, so its ok.” Something along those lines.

Tiny Dancer.

I don’t know how to work a poll on this thing, so well work on that later, but i have a short list of names for our apartment.

imma leave now. gotta eat. much love to you all. Pray for me, please. I havent killed anyone or anything, just internal issues. patience, humility, etc. thx.

jeff- tO,


Going Home?

Hi all, yes the blog putters on. Most of this puttering is due to Jeff, so thank him when you see him! I write this post from the North East Kingdom. I’m back in Vermont for 2 weeks! The weather is cool and the nights are cooler! no more 100deg Days! Here’s a funny video of Vermont or the 802… if you will. Take a gander click here! On that note I want to talk about my title, Going Home?. To adequately talk about this I must invite you to travel back in time. Last Christmas I came home for a week or so. I was accosted by a bitter truth, and this revelation lead me to a week long depression and melancholies. I came home and realized that my home had left without me. My Friends I knew and loved had moved on with there lives just as I had done over the past year. I felt oddly astray in my own house as my old room had been filled by another, my possessions commandeered. Home just didn’t feel like home.I felt like an outsider. It pained me, the inside joke that i once had been a part of were replace with new friends and new jokes. The closeness I felt with friends had grown to a distance. It took me a while to understand and remedy the feelings I felt.

We should now climb back into the time machine jump to a few days ago. In Terminal B of Charlotte International Airport. I came to this conclusion: Home was not Home for me anymore. My real home was in Auburn where I lived and Springfield Vt was no longer where I belonged. I had to remind myself that when I returned to Vt I was not gonig home but rather visiting family and friends! This realization helped me get over this speed bump that i guess most college students have to conquer. There will come a point when Home is not Home any more. And So as i get to the end of this post and quickly realize that there is no real point to this. So all I have to say is that when you get to this point in your life, and yes, you will get to this point. You must take it in stride and realize that it is not the end of the world nor something that you should waist time depressed over. Its just life and its you growing up.

And on a totally different subject, I just watched Madea Goes to Prison, and it wasn’t very good.

Also my dog has horrid gas right now, so I’m going to finish this sentience and leave the area.



sigh…I know…me too….but I’m back, now. Fret not, readers, just read.

Speaking of ‘not fretting’, yesterday – Monday – I went with Chris Call and Lord Kepley to the redonkulously overpriced and thus falsely named, Best Buy to buy Chris a telly. Envision with me, if you will, a pricetag on a phone charger that I’d been peepin’ on the internet that very day, and found for three(3) dollars($). This pricetag, “Best Buy”‘s pricetag, was offering a deal; I could buy it for thirty(30) dollars($). I didn’t do it. Chris did get a TV, though, and I rode in the back seat with it on the way home. When I say ‘back seat’ I mean the box had the seat and I was back there, too. Standing. In the back seat. On the Interstate. G-Status: depleted.

Oh, yeah. The ‘not fretting’ part. we saw >the guy that plays the fretless bass at Lakeview< in the store.

And. Before we left, a van drove through the parking lot with its trunk open. They didn’t know. We didn’t tell them.

My…uhh… phone charger was stolen. That’s why I was looking for one. The culprit has been reluctantly apprehended. And beaten for his crime.

I – jeff – updated my iPod yesterday. I went to Wally World and bought a 120 Gb thing. I’m very pleased I now have enough space for all of my music. As for my old one, it was smashed.

They make music, too. Swagg ^ Click.

I found yesterday that everytime i listen to Ben Folds, i want to learn how to play piano. when i listen to Ben Sollee, i want to learn the cello. And, when i listen to Ben Kweller i wonder why he is brushing his teeth on the cover of Sha Sha. why that picture for the cover? No, those aren’t the only Bens on my iPod.

Prelude. Lude. Postlude.

I really want an interview with Lord Kepley, but every time I think about what I may ask, I fear the sword. I will man-up one day. He was looking for an iPhone cover/protector yesterday. G-Status: the Definition of The Definition.

I’m a fan of art. Right now I am specifically talking about Graffiti. One of the most well known artists in London is as G as they come. He does his deal of painting, trust me, but his latest project was so much better than painting a name on a wall. The name is not Banksy, but you can call him Banksy.

Apparently, smoking cigarettes is still cool. They may be made of used urinal cakes and rotten bananas, but they are still around. Kind of. But with a twist. Now, they are electric. Blufags. Blucigs. No tobacco, just a battery that releases a vapor and looks like a cigarette. I think it’s worth looking into. Especially for young asthmatics who are aspiring neck-hole-speakers. I guess. At least until they can buy a real one. Sigh….

hahahaha. This is sweet. A mom launched a clothing line so her boys can be hip, but not. You’ll just need to read this for yourself. G-Status: FAIL.

Since I’ve been away, some people died. Everyone else made tributes. The funerals were fun. Because they were concerts. Singular. I think…

Maybe you’ve heard of this site. If not, enjoy it. Not routinely, but fairly rarely. People, like Us have bad things  happen to us. Am I right? Am I right? These people do, too. And then they write it on this webpage. It’s like kissing and telling, with a lesser front-end.




across from orange

Sorry homies. ‘Tas been some time, hasn’t it? Well, I bring good news: I’m back from the sabbatical. “I’ve come back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5.” 

Thing is, I really don’t have a great deal to talk about, so you may witness the freest flowing article yet. whether that is good or bad shall be witnessed in a few, and if you like, you can let me know how bad it went. And I’m not just vying for comments. Maybe.

I do have one thing I can talk about…. For ages, nay, aeons have men called their modes of transportation[wit the exception to male camels, hourses and the like] by female pronouns. The reason for such behavior was brought up in conversation today, and converse we did. The answer may, but is not limited to, be found lying amidst the following two suggestions. Uno: that men call their whips “she” and “her” because like female humanoids, machinery can and almost of necessity must be moody. Ladies, please do not take this offensive as I mean it in no such way. Most of the readers of The O, haven’t been operating machinery for very long, so I can’t imagine many readers who’ve had so many issues with things such as their car, even a hooptie[the vid has nothing to do with driving a hooptie by the way], but my weed-eater of 20+ years is moody in this very way. It is very hard to operate, as it takes very tender care and much work to get it to operate as I should prefer. Then again, who am I to expect my weed-eater to act as I may please[analogy joke disclaimer]? And B: men have called boats by female pronouns for years, reason being because, frankly, it sounds weird to give a boat a male name and to have been “out on him all day”. Thus, following the “Men and Their Boats” precedent, with cars men continued to called them She’s and Her’s. As stated, the answer to this age-old question remains unanswered, and is worth researching. I doubt myself to be the researcher, but should one of you readers feel so inclined, I would humbly request you inform The O, of your historical find.

I am delighted to inform Laker fans and Lakeview fans alike of their respective sheriffs. Kobe ran that Finals series like he was chasing an outlaw, and should be noted as such by the ever-so-obnoxious would-be Sheriff O’Neal. For my church fam that is not in The City this summer for whatever reason, we picked up a valuable ‘point-man’ in the form of our new music minister Jamie Baker. 

A question need be asked.

Running with the Finals thought, yesterday afternizzle proved to be a delightful experience for all comers. After lunch yesterday many reported to the Lee Scott gym to be entertained by a friendly game of basketball. Not that I have anything to say about the game, other than it was extremely exciting, and I must encourage your attendance at the next event. Very amusing.

If anyone wasn’t completely sure what a mullet looks like, someone apparently volunteered their child’s photo onto wikipedia for just such a cause. It isn’t that I expected any of the readers to’ve not seen a mullet.

[parting gift]

in case you forgot how incredibly sick this video is…


The O,


Hello Friend

I sit here, wanting to expound on you the happenings of my weekend. But my fear is that my retelling of past events will turn into a jumbled up mess due to the pure excitement i have to tell you such a tail. Where to begin? I think the best place would be in a new paragraph.

Ok, now that we are here, i will begin. As most of my weekends do, this one started on a Thursday. I get a call from one, Ryan Harrison! Ryan wanted come hang in the ‘Burn (thats Auburn AL for those who are out of the loop(but are now in it))! sorry for that overdose on parentheses( )(  )( ) So Ryan is on his way over. Meanwhile, Jeff and I are trying to feed our selves! This is hard to do with no money. Anywho, we settled for expired hot pockets that magically appeared in the freezer and some chicken strips. Washing all this down with some Dr Pepper, (the drink of champions and losers) we started to watch the hockey Game! Detroit Red wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. Hockey is great sport and very entertaining. It runs at a different pace which is hard for me to describe. It is hard to grasp the fluidity of the Game as it were. Mind you that I am speaking to someone who has not watched a game in his life. It takes time to get in sync with the motion of play. But after a game or two you will find yourself accustomed to it and I know with certainty that you will enjoy it.

So Jeff and I watched the Game and By the 2nd period Ryan had arrived. Ryan who was hungry asked if we would accompany him to Little Italy’s. We did and it was fun. After eating we returned to Apt 49. Ryan played guitar (which was very good) If any major labels are reading this you need to pick up Ryan and The Deep V’s. Lyrical Genius with brilliant Musical Accompaniment! So after that we watched Conan try to be funny then watched the Late Late show who had the musical guest THE CURE. After being creeped out by the Cure we went to bed Ryan slept on one of you multiple futons. An interesting fact has come to my attention! Ryan, and his band the Deep V’s have a facebook page! So mosy over to facebook and type in ‘deep v’s’ and boom you have the option to become a fan and get band and gig updates
straight from the Deep V’s

As most people do, I enjoy a habit of Titling my posts to refer to a certain detail within the post. So for those who are not paying attention! this next bit is why i titled my post “Hello Friend”

I recently skyped (awesome networking/phone/chat/video chat program go to skype.com to find out more) Jason Vargas. Who is on a missionary trip to Southeast Asia. SO  to report to those who haven’t talked to him, Jason Vargas is doing well. His day consists of getting up at 9am and going to market where he then talks to people about “spiritual” things. Then he goes home and cooks food for breakfast and then waits until two and does the same thing again. He also helps teach English to chaps and chapesses. To keep up with his journey look at his wordpress!  http://vargallsvargallsvar galls.wordpress.com/ The Oxford Comma may or may not have been extremely influential in the name. Or may have made that the name while Vargas was on the phone and hit enter before Vargas could stop it. 😉

Back in the day of cassette tapes and low capacity cd’s, an album was created called ‘Nu Thang’ dc Talk. The O, does not condone early 90’s white boy rap, but we are making an exception for today and today only! so get it while its hot. Go to LaLa.com and you can stream this while you continue to poke around the site.

The websites vids and pics should be updated some time this week so keep checking in.

This is the Oxford Comma, we are too cool for school so thats why I go in the summer.

and a little quote

“bears, beats, battlestar Galactica” ~ The Office


Hey Man I got Big News

Summer is here! Nothing says summer like sitting in Apt 49 (jeff and I live there)

doing absolutely nothing. With the afore mentioned Apt 49 to trains of though have left the station known as my mind and are in route to this blog. Train A: a description of last night is in order. Train B: It has been brought to my attention that some people would like to see the apartment get a name, much like the “plex” (if you lost its not important im trying to kill time at work and i dont want to explain the history of the term plex). Now im not one for naming my own dwelling and thing the public should do it. we are going to have an open forum to express potential names. to do this you can comment below or facebook me a name. That was Train B. but it left a car at Windsor Station and that leads me to a off topic that must be addressed before moving on to Train A, which was my original thought. If you know Jason Vargas you may know that he is out of the country. AND to show him that we love him I have come up with a Plan! I would like all who are able, aka facebook friends to write on his wall, “Hey Man, I Got Big News!” Vargas will then respond back with”what?” from there you respond ” I got a yellow dinosaur” . That will then evoke a land slide of confusion on the side of Vargas. From there on The Oxford Comma want nothing more and you can lead the conversation that you have started any way you want! Well that is the end of that random thought! My English teacher would kill me if he read this and saw how utterly diluted any form of organization is in this post; so for his sake i will start Train A off with a new Paragraph! hows that for a transitional sentence?!

Now on to Train of Thought A! Last night was a awesome time! let me set the mood. Its 4:30 pm Jeff has just gotten of work and is in transit to the Apt. Matt (homeless at the moment sleeping at the apt) is asleep on the the futon. I am watching something on TV due to my lack of memory i doubt it was that good! Any way I start playing Fall out 3 (an xbox game for those who have a life) I am was in a video game mood so dont hate. Scratch that Matt was not there! he was at toomers showing off his lower back or something. Jeff walks in the door and takes a nap on the futon catty corner to mine. I play for an hour and get bored so I stop. about this time i get hungry so I go to the kitchen and get so cabot cheese (its from Vermont) Cabot cheese is very good at what they do. The make the BEST extra extra sharp cheddar cheese. (ill think ill write about it one day) Anywho, after i eat that matt walks in and sits down still bored i go back to the video game. Jeff is still asleep. Matt is now hogging my futon. By 5:45 jeff has moved all of twenty feet to the porch were he smoked a pipe in the setting sun. He was smoking Georgia Cream. Hmm! I go out to keep him company, because matt had failed me in avenue and was now soundly asleep on the couch (thats kinda important so remember that). I skate around the parking lot on my longboard as i wait for jeff to finish up. after he is done we decide after seeing that there is nothing on tv, to watch Benjamin Button. this takes place at 6:14pm Turns out Benjamin Button is 3 flippin hours long! So matt who has already seen it goes upstairs to take nap. needless to say the movie started and was just interesting enough to keep me from turning it off, but boring enough to keep me asking myself why I wasnt. Any about the time that Benjamin knocks up the dancer i get a text from none other that matt! the text reads “Do we have any clear liquids bro?” I chuckle for I am no stranger to upset stomachs. Jeff and I pause the movie and help matt. after that ordeal matt goes back to bed and it is almost 10:00 (matts been asleep for 4 hours now) We finish up the movie and Jeff and I agree on giving the movie a “fair” rating and start watching TV. Family guy is on and I turn on the Christmas lights! the door is open and and a gentile breeze assaults the house cooling us and sending jeff and i into a moment of relaxation and bliss (were on separate couches so don’t get any stupid ideas) The family guy episode is the one where stewie say “cool wHip” so that was fun. then by 11:30 a fight had come on and we were watching this scrappy Asian fight this other guy! the other guy was the favorite so jeff and I took the side of the Asian who’s name rhymed with Mario. Anyway he lost so we watched the next fight, by this time, 11:40, Matt has woken up and comes down and once agian sits on my futon and jeff is sprawled out on the other one. But i didnt care cause it was a good fight and i didnt want to lay down. between rounds matt explained that he had a very upset stomach. the fight ended at 11:56 and we went to bed. Matt was up for only about 7 hrs of the day if I calculated correctly the rest of the 17hrs he slept! haha. Any that was yesterday in a nut shell.

things to remember!

-write on jason vargas’ wall

-comment or fb and names you have in mind for Apt 49

-I have a cool video to show you

-the word count for this post is 1013.